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Premium Organic Flours


India is known for the variety and taste of the grains that it grows. These grains are gently turned into flour to preserve the nutritive value and taste. All our flours are “Certified USDA Organic”.


India is one of the largest consumers and growers of different types of Flours. The grains used in our flours are sourced directly from farmers. The nutrient rich Indian soil combines with the most enabling weather which result in some of the best grains in the world.

  • The grains are grown in specific regions where the climate is most conducive to the growth of the grain.
  • The grains are turned into flour using state-of-the-art machines which have gentle action so as to preseve the nutritive value of the grains.
  • Traditional, age old organic methods help our farmers grow a crop which is superb in aroma, flavor and taste!!
  • Our flours come in scientifically packed and sealed 2 lbs and 11 lbs packets.

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Enriched, Refined Wheat Flour (Maida) (2 lbs), Organic Besan (Ground Gram Flour) (2 lbs), Whole Wheat Flour (11 lbs)


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