The Dream: The ZZ Group was created in 2007 to bring the best foods to consumers. The website, was created in 2019 to bring organic foods directly to consumers. This helps us get our organic products to the table quickly without additional handling and storage. Direct intereaction with consumers ensures that quality products are delivered without any degradation. 

Mother Nature is the provider: There is a growing appreciation for nature which nurtures the plants in a caring manner. Mother Nature has given birth to all plant varieties that we know today. Left untampered, nature produces the most nutritious and tasty foods. These foods are the healtiest for humans. In an attempte to simulate nature, societies and cultures over the millennia strived to grow plants in soils and climates most suited to their growth. Traditional methods of replenishing the soil and ensuring micro-organism rich surroundings for plants have resulted in fertile lands that yield healthy crops. In addition, through natural selection, the best seeds were propagated for sowing continuously.

The degradation of foods: In present times, due to a misplaced sense of empowerment and to sustain the ever demanding economic engine, humans have been indiscriminate in spreading pesticides, fungicides and fertility chemicals (called modern fertilizers), without studying their long-terms impact on planet earth and the life that thrives in it. Natural processes result in seeds better suited to meet the needs of mother earth. In the last century, humans have been reckless at modifying and circumventing the process of natural selection through genetic modification (GMO). The genetic modification of traditional seeds has resulted partly from pressures from the industry to produce more convenient outcomes and partly due to the need to handle the imbalance created by incessant use of chemicals on mother earth. This has degraded the foods we eat, especially in the more developed nations. Fruits and vegetables do not taste as good any more.

The Organic Movement: The organic movement attempts to correct this anomaly and lays ground rules to ensure that organic foods are free from pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. For us this is not enough- the foods should also be tastier!! What is good for the body and nature should also feel yummy and wholesome when consumed. Taste results from micro nutrients in plants that are vital for good health. These mirconutrients can exist in plants if they exist in the soil to begin with. The organic philosophy works to ensure that not only are these nutrients available in the soil, they can find their way into the plants. When the environment, climate and soil click, magic happens!! Taste thrives, fame of the crop spreads and farmers in the region develop and prograte this unique knowledge. 

The ZZ Difference: The ZZ Group tries to source foods and products from these top regions where we further ensure that the organic standards are followed. This ensures that we not only get the best crop, but also one which is nutritious and tasty. We work with partners to grow, pack and brand our products. That is what we mean when we say ZZ- Only The Best!! When you see the ZZ logo on a product, you should know that it packs all our knowlege, effort, energy and enthusiam to get you the best products on planet earth. Where you feel they are not the best, let us know and we will strive to ensure that they are the best. After all ZZ is Only The Best!!

Additional Outlets: In addition to serving our products on our website, we work to deliver products through additional online channels. Where possible, we also make our products available to grocery stores and supply chains. Information on these additional channels is made available on our website. 

Recipes: We further try to engage with consumers to help them discover and decode the taste and nutrition potential of organic foods directly though their cooking. We  indulge in traditional recipes to cook our organic ingredients. We use organic spices to create nutrition and taste in vegetarian dishes. Traditional recipes have survived the test of time because they work and result in tasty foods. After all, if our tougue cannot judge what is good for us, whom else can we trust!

Our Products

Highest Quality

Directly from Farmrrs

Grown with passion by 300+ farmers across the globe.

100% Organic Products

Eat healthy, consume organic, closer to nature.

Grown in the most suitable regions

For best flavor and nutrition, consume foods grown in the regions where they are naturally suited to grow.

Modern Farms

Our farmers blend traditional and modern techniques to produce products that are pure, tasty and nutritious.

Alway Fresh

We package fresh produce every season when the crops are harvested.

Sustainable and Traceable

We source directly from farmers we have all product traceability information maintained at our packaging locations.