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Organic foods do not have harmful chemicals that remain on non-organic foods from use of pesticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers. In addition, the presence of micro-nutrients in useful micro-organisms in organic soils result in the crops absorbing more useful vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are vital to make us health.

Tests have shown that absence of chemicals resulting from non-organic foods result in a more healthy and disease free body. Health is shaped over a period of time- eating organic results in more

. It is quite a tragedy that most of the groceries in the USA which are not marked “Organic” are either GMO modified, or are have chemical traces. Where Organic should be the norm, it is now an exception. So the operational costs for growing organically are higher and also the regulatory compliance costs are additional. Despite this, the cost not an exorbitant cost. The average Grocery bill per month is a small fraction of the overall expenditure for a household. And the groceries last a longer time as well. Your hard earned money is best spent on food products that are good for the body.

We are sure that there are others also going their bit to promote organic farming and keep the food chain clean. We can speak only for ourselves and we can only taste the end products. Our products are sourced directly from farmers, so we have better confidence in their authenticity. We also know where and how the product was grown. This allows us to experiment with the taste of the final product and then focus on the areas from where we can get the best products. We have also partnered with quality conscious businesses for logistics and packaging who same our philosophy. So we can stand behind our products. Since we continue to improve on the taste, we do know that our products are good and in some cases, we don’t have any doubt that our products are the best. Hence our motto- “Only the Best!!”

We think there is a difference because the trace elements, vitamins and minerals which define taste are present in good measure in the organics as compared to most of their non-organic versions. In addition the organic versions do not have traces of pesticides and chemicals which are generally harmful to the body. However, simply because a product is organic, it does not mean that it is always tastier. Taste is also a function of the region where nature conspires to create the best version of the product. At zzorganic.com, we accept this and seek out the best location where a product can grow the best and try to source it from there. Proper cooking technique also contributes to the taste coming out properly and we do try to share our experience in cooking our organic products in the proper manner.

Food products that are grown without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and other genetically modified organisms are termed Organic.

Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, and livestock additives in food production. This kind of farming employs techniques such as crop rotation, the use of organic green manure, compost, and natural pest control mechanisms. This helps in protecting the reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil with good plant nutrition resulting in food that is rich in nutrients, resistant to pests and diseases, and free of chemical residues.

Organic foods undoubtedly cut the toxins and the chemical load that you consume since they are without chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial additives, colors, and preservatives. Since organic foods are chemical and preservative-free, they are generally processed in small batches and sent to shops faster than conventional non-organic food, and hence are fresher than their non-organic counterparts.

Many food experts and chefs now believe that organic foods besides being healthy even taste better.

At ZZ organic, we endeavor to bring farm-fresh organic products directly to the table of the consumer which is why we collaborate and buy directly from farmers who employ organic methods of farming. We procure our raw ingredients from farms across the country, depending on the region best suited to grow them.

We follow the highest quality and health standards to produce the best. For instance, our whole spices are low heat ground, allowing the natural oils and flavors to remain intact. Similarly, our cold-pressed oils are packed in glass bottles and stored in steel containers before being packed which ensures it is never in contact with harmful plastics.

Whenever you order a product from us, you get an instant email confirmation for the same. You can track the dispatch status through a tracking number that you will receive through an SMS to keep tabs on the order.

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The order will reach you within 1-10 days depending upon your location. In the unlikely event that your order does not reach you or if there is a delay in the order, we will duly intimate you about the same. You may also get in touch with us.

Nevertheless, our endeavor always is to deliver on time.